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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> pelley: tonight, child sex abuse in the boy scouts. documents reveal decades of abuse was covered up. anna werner has the files. and we'll hear from the scout and the victims. >> if we don't set up the protection for these kids, they're doomed. >> pelley: john miller and mark strassman on what we know now about the bangladeshi terror gespect allegedly plotting to serve.p the federal reserve. another death in the meningitis outbreak. dr. jon lapook takes us inside the federal effort to find and dera potential victims. and among the afghan soldiers is u.s. is training are some you might not expect. david martin on the women pilots tonding up to defend their country. captioning evetioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. >>pelley: good evening, the boy scouts of america kept files for decades on scout leaders and volunteers who were suspected of sexually abusing boys. scoutouts kept the files to prevent molesters from returning to the organization, but often did did not share what they what with police and prosecutors. the documents paint a picture of serial cover-ups to protect the name of the boy scouts of america. because of a lawsuit, oregon's supreme court ordered the documents released. they became public today and anna werner has our story. >> reporter: the 1200 documents cover incidents from 1965 to 1985. they describe actual or suspected sexual abuse by volunteers or troop leaders. ndhn anderson says he was alested by a scout master beginning in 1976 when he was when happes happened 35 years ago and i did not understand how it affected my behavior.
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i would say i'm fine. when i first went into counseling, the counselor said how are you dealing with this? i said i'm fine. >> reporter: what did you figure ut later? >> that i wasn't. epor i had all this guilt. they felt i was responsible. >> reporter: a 1965 file shows a louisiana mother complained to a local sheriff that a scout master had raped one of her sons and molested two others. the man confessed but neither police nor the scouts pursued the charges, according to the files, to save the name of scouting. the boy scouts of america now claims to have some of the best protection among youth groups in the country, with criminal background checks, training inograms and mandates to report actual or suspected abuse. boy scout of america president perr perry had this to say in sn interview this week. shortthe extent we fell short id protecting a youth and we did fall short in some instances, e're profoundly sorry.
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and our job is to protect every weth. it's not enough to say we t jobcted-- we did a great job most of the time. we have to do a great job all the time. >> reporter: perry says the rrles are valuable because used to ksed to keep track of people who violated the boy ards.'s membership standards. >> the only purpose of these files is to keep people out. to keep them from re-entering boy scouts later on and the files show that worked. >> reporter: but the files didn't always work, in 1966, an indiana member of the scouts was ound guilty of sodomy and served two years in a wasormatory. in 1978 he was let back into the se scouts on probationary status atere he was a member for eight years. anderson says file on his abuser wasn't opened until years later. what does the release of these files mean to you? >> i think it shows this country needs to do a better job of protecting their children. if we don't set up protection for these kids, they're doomed. >> reporter: the boy scouts issued a statement before cases were released to the incidents and our efforts to protect youth were inefficient, inappropriate, or wrong.
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kiott, since the files were kept secret for so long, in many of these cases, the statute of limitation has already run and offenders cannot be charged with crimes. > pelley: it's worth noting that these days the scouts have an office of youth protection at headquarters. anna, thank you very much. we're learning more about that olleger-old college freshman from bangladesh arrested asterday in the plot to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. he drove what he believed to be a truck bomb to the building in downtown manhattan and tried to detonate it, only to find out o f accomplices were working for ehe f.b.i. we have two follow-up reports foight. first we'll turn to our
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senior correspondent john miller. john. >> reporter: scott, until the handcuffs went on, quazi nafis never suspected his two new york accomplices were working for the f.b.i. now the f.b.i. and homeland security investigation agents f.b.i.ging to find out if there are any real accomplices anywhere else. reb.i. agents are pouring through papers, computers, thumb drives and c.d.s pulled from the d.s ect's new york apartment. according to the f.b.i. affidavit, quazi nafis claimed to have connections to al qaeda averseas. investigators are trying to determine if those claims were true. nafis allegedly told an f.b.i. undercover agent he was work another man named yaqueen. he has been identified as a san diego man named willy carter, arrested here, yesterday, on possession of child pornography. s.b.i. sources say yaqueen was in contact with nafis but did not appear to have had a role in whe bomb plot.
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on the narrow street in bangladesh where the accused terrorist once lived, nafis' mother prayed, as his father a bank official told cbs news he spent his life's savings to send his son to college in the america. "he wanted to go to the u.s. for higher education." that would create better job opportunity for him." on air told us his son was a gentle boy who could not be involved in this plot. nafis is being held without bail. his case is the latest in a series of f.b.i. bomb stings. in 2009, there was an attempted omtonation of a truck bomb outside a dallas skyscraper. most recently, in september in chicago, a man was charged with trying to detonate what he t heeved to be a car bomb in bont of a popular bar. now in each one of those cases, just as in this latest plot in new york, one of the key influences on these men was
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anwar al-awlaki. it's interesting to know, even after wlaki's death his message on youtube, on the internet, still resonates and because he's american born still resonates as we're seeing. >> he was killed in a drone strike. you went through the litany of cases that the f.b.i. has intercepted. have we been lucky all this time f.b.i. has been able to do this? >> reporter: they've been very good about having ears and eyes in the right places so when someone is trying to pull of put together a cell, the f.b.i. has been pretty adept at inserting themselves and providing the capability for the person who has the intent. what's interesting to note is the cases that completely flew under the radar. remember the man who put a truck bomb in times square that only didn't detonate because he had a mistake in his technical bomb teing or the underwear bomber bo got a live device on a plane laaded to detroit.
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there have been close calls and lucky moments. >> correspondent mark strassman is also working the story. we sent him to the school where the suspect was a student. >> reporter: quazi nafis left little impression on students at southeast missouri state university. some were struck by how homesick the 21-year-old freshman was. was there anything about him that seemed radical or extreme? >> nothing. >> reporter: nothing at all? ot nothing at all. >> reporter: jim dow met nafis in physics class. he says nafis gave him a gift, this koran, and urged him to imnvert to islam. but they talked politics only tol. >> he told me that he did not believe osama bin laden was involved in the twin towers, that he believed that bin laden was a very good, religious man, and that a good, devout,
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faithful muslim would not do wouldhing like that. >> reporter: but bangladeshi students who came with nafis to ithsouri, told the f.b.i. last night they became alarmed his eylitical views turned radical. aboutgan talking about violence and videos by al-awlaki. his friends describe one incident in which nafis watched an al-awalki video on an airplane. they were shocked and told him an shut it off. was the university ever a t itet? >> according to the f.b.i. e fnts i talked to this morning, he said it was a real issue of fine, the safety of our students and our campus, that we were never the target. >> reporter: ken dobbin said f.b.i. agents were on campus for eks.s. if he produced grades, school officials would have discovered nafis had flunked out. s we put him in as a probationary student and he had to prove himself. >> reporter: but he didn't do well here?
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dino, he didn't do well. er reporter: and then he left. >> and then he left. left is reporter: nafis was a cyber security major here but he didn't take any cyber security courses. back in july, he notified the university that was transferring to a computer programming school and that's when enrolled when he was arrested. >> it's 19 days now before election day, and republican mitt romney has extended his narrow lead. have a look at the national gallup poll out today. it shows mr. romney up seven points ahead of president obama, 52% to 45%. ident but the electoral vote. and in that state-by-state battle for 270 electors, the president is ahead. our cbs news election team estimates that states with 255 electors are solledly for or
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leaning toward the president. for governor romney the number is 206. the winner will be decided by seven toss-up states, plus ohio and north carolina, states that could swing behind either mr. obama or governor romney. the president and governor romney are spending nearly all of their campaign time and money in those nine states, and it's a far cry from the way america used to be. in 1960, richard nixon campaigned in all 50 states. john kennedy in 45. so how did the presidential battleground get so small? we asked our political direct john dickerson to explain it all tonight. john. >> reporter: scott, those toss-up states in gray are the only ones where both candidates have a shot at winning the majority of the vote. in the battle to get 270 electoral votes, in the vast majority of states you just need to win by one vote to get all the electoral votes in the state. in all the other nontoss had up states, one party dominates by
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enough that a candidate of the minority party would never have a realistic chance. >> john, thank you very much. at tuesday's dthe long battle over the keystone pipeline briefly came up. tonight, the owner, transcanada, has temporarily shut down the existing section which carries oil from alberta canada to illinois to oklahoma. tests show possible safety issues. you may recall president obama blocked a proposed extension of the pipeline to port arthur, texas, citing a lack of environmental studies. we go inside the cdc, as it races to stop a deadly outbreak of meningitis. "newsweek" makes some news. and we give you a close-up look at a lake made of lava when the cbs evening news continues. [ female announcer ] think you need a department store counter
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with nuts in every bite! ♪ he saves the day! ♪ in his tasty way! ♪ ♪ he is the crunchy nut! [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! >> pelley: the centers for disease control confirmed today what many already suspected-- tainted vials of a steroid from a specialty pharmacy, the new england compounding center, are in fact the source of a deadly outbreak of meningitis. the company says it's cooperating with investigators. 16 states have reported the infection. 257 people now have been
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sickened, and 20 have died. dr. jon lapook reports on the cdc's efforts to contain this outbreak. >> what would the symptoms. >> reporter: roughly 200 staffers at the nerve center of the investigation in atlanta are responding to the outbreak. in cdc labs, technicians have found only one drug has been definitively linked to the outbreak, but the new england compounding center made hundreds of products. infectious disease expert dr. john gen began is leading the clinical investigation. >> we know the list of medications is long and so far we've not identified any case where's we documented a fungal infection related to any of the products but it's important we remain vigilant and continue to investigate this in case that should change. >> reporter: still, the government is telling do,s to contact all patients given any of the hundred of injectable drugs made by n.e.c.c. >> it was fever and headache? >> reporter: universal pain
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management in palmdale, california, received 100 vials will of the tainted steroid. it used about a quarter of them before they were recalled. lance jackson is the c.e.o. >> we have been using them for years and this is actually the first time that we've ever received anything that has been, you know, tainted in nature. it was a complete surprise to us. >> reporter: the c.d.c. has never had to respond to such a rapidly spreading infection from a tainted medication. dr. genigan is concerned some victims may go unnoticed. >> the fact we're dealing with contaminated medication. the fact so many people have been exposed. and the fact that this is a rare infection. there are not many doctors out there who have any experience treating infections like this and that leads to a number of challenges for us. >> reporter: officials are now track a patient who received a back injection with a different fe.c.c. drug and may have meningitis. they are still awaiting results. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: the civil war in
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syria we have been tell you about is taking a horrible toll on civilians and we got pictures in the newsroom today that real caught our attention. the syrian air force bombed this neighborhood in the town of marat al noman. the town was recently taken by rebels who are fighting the assad dictatorship that has run syria for more than 40 years. about 40 people were killed here. as often, there were children. this picture in particular seemed to sum up the war that is only escalating. syria beyond help or reason, 20 months into the conflict, with no end in sight. something will be missing from newsstands next year. "newsweek" magazine said today after nearly 80 years, it is ending its print publication. the first "newsweek" cover in 1933 featured seven captioned photoes, one for every day of the week. there may have been many eye-catching covers since then, but sales have slumped and "newsweek" is going all digital
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after december. a goof-up cost google billions of dollars in a matter of minutes today. we'll have that next.
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>> pelley: bad news spreads fast in the internet age. when word got out today that profit's profits fell 20% between july and september, the stock went into freefall. ose company lost about $24 billion in stock value in eight minutes. it recovered some of that in
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later trading. ooogle had intended to release the earnings after the market closed, but the company that prints its financial documents jumped the gun. college graduates are carrying a greater financial burden than ever before. a report out today says the average student debt for the class of 2011 is $26,600. that's up about 5% from the year before and up 45% from 2004. the government predicted today that the coming winter will be milder and drier in the western united states but forecasters are not so sure about the east because an expected el nino didn't form. they do say it will be cooler than usual this winter in florida. he most active volcano in hawaii right now is kilauea, and today the u.s. geological survey gave us an incredible look inside. its geologists got close enough
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finally tonight, the last american combat troops will exit afghanistan by the end of 2014. they have been training afghans to take over the fight, but you might be surprised by some of the afghans who are answering the call. we asked david martin to introduce us. >> reporter: if you think of afghan women as downtrodden and of afghans as not willing to fight for their own country, you need to meet sourya saleh and masooma hussaini. >> we are afghans. that's our duty. we have to defend our country. >> reporter: they are the first two afghan women to go through the u.s. army's helicopter flight school at fort rucker, alabama, which required them to learn english before they could learn to fly. >> we knew that we are going to start a very hard thing. it's not going to be easy on us. but we didn't know it was going to be this hard. >> reporter: barely into their 20s, neither had been outside afghanistan before. they have not been back for a year and a half. >> but now we are going back to our country with a really big accomplishment.
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>> reporter: : they have gone from learning how to fly a steady hover, which they say was the hardest thing, to flying at night and will graduate next week. they are flying american scout helicopters. in afghanistan, they will be flying russian-made attack helicopters. so you're going to be in combat. >> yes. >> yup. >> reporter: are you ready for combat? >> i think we are ready for that. >> reporter: this has already been a long war. it's going to be a longer war. are you ready for a long war? >> yes. we come all the way 'til here. we will do it to the end. >> reporter: as you can see from their head scarves, they have not adopted american culture. after 18 months of it, they can't wait to get home. >> for sure, the first ones that we want to see is our family, our parents. my mom, i miss her so much. i don't know how to say that, i miss her. >> reporter: you can't help but be impressed. but you have to ask, what difference can two young women make?
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>> we want to be an example to stand for them. and we want to show them if we can do it, you all can do it. >> at first, our goal was to open the door. now we did open the door. >> reporter: you say, "open the door." open the door to what? >> to be a military woman, to help your country as a woman. >> to be a pilot, not to be afraid of anyone, that they're saying, no, you cannot. we can. >> reporter: the outcome of a war is beyond the control of any one person. but if you had to pick two who just might make a difference, you couldn't do better than this. david martin, cbs news, fort rucker, alabama. >> and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good evening, i'm dana
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king. >> i'm ken bastida in for allen martin. they are being called the perversion files. more than 14,000 pages of files kept secret by the boy scouts of america detailing sexual abuse by scout leaders around the country for decades. many of the files show the boy scouts swept accusations under the rug with many cases never reported to police. an oregon court has ordered them released over the objections of the boy scouts. the release of those files comes on the same day that a bay area boy scout and thousands of his supporters send a message to a local boy scout council. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on the would-be eagle scout kicked out for coming out. len. >> reporter: that's exactly right, ken. it has been quite a day for the boy scouts of america. first as you mentioned the revelation of those secret files, then today here in pleasant hill the unrelated but poignant story of that would-be eagle scout who was kicked


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